Saturday, May 23, 2009

Reflections on Not Praying

Some days I pray. But most days they are fleeting prayers. Have you ever had those days? Where eather you find yourself not having time to pray and its a quick Hi, I would like this, Amen. Or there isn't even time for prayer, you have so much to do, so much on the agenda and list - when can you ever fit prayer in?

A really good book that a friend lent to me was, "Too Busy Not to Pray" - Bill Hybels. This was such a challenge to read as I ticked off all the reasons why I didnt want to pray. It brings us back to what the bible says about who God is, who you are praying to and what He can do and why it is good to pray.

But I know when I search my heart I can see the reasons why I don't pray, which are:

  1. I am proud. I believe I don't need to come to God. I am in control and there is nothing God can do for me right now.
  2. I don't have faith. I don't believe God can act or that He is listening.
  3. I don't really know who God is. I don't know his character, his promises, his truth. If I did then it would be a delight to pray to Him.
It is very easy to go through your day and not think of God. It is easy to think that I don't need to pray to him and ask him to help me in this conversation, in meeting this person, when I am shopping, When I am cooking dinner, when I am doing a bible study. I have all that under control.

If you are a bit like me and think that praying is eather nonexistent, boring or a quick Hi, Bye. Then maybe we need to stop and consider why that is? What is the condition of our heart? Who exactly are we praying to? Is it Father Christmas or the Creator God who is all powerful and very faithful? Are we praying from the heart, pouring our all to God, repenting and willing to receive discipline as well as great Mercies?

Perhaps we need to get into perspective our lives and who we are living for. Maybe we need to get on our knees and say sorry for our proud, faithless hearts and ask God for Mercy and to show us who He really is.

Read this book. It will change how you think and remind you of why you should pray.

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