Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Christianity and Creativity...

After being in Falmouth for their mission week, it has made me think a lot about art, music, poetry and all things creative. How can we merge the creative arts to bring God Glory without having to think we need to include rainbows and fluffy lollipops and the line that "life is great" fabrication? Sometimes we can paint or write about the reality of this world and the sin in it and yet convey that God is good and faithful. So I may be posting up some more creative things, starting with a poem I stumbled across by Steve Turner, its good:

Lord, Lord

You were hungry
and I was sorry.
You were thirsty
and I blamed the world.
You were a stranger
and I pointed you out.
You were naked
and I turned you in.
You were sick
and I said a prayer.
You were in prison
and I wrote a poem.

The God Letters

The Lord God says:
‘Share your bread
with the hungry,
bring the homeless poor
into your house,
cover the naked.’

Dear Lord God,
We have got
new carpets,
so this will
not be possible.

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