Saturday, June 19, 2010

Permission to fail - Bish

While reading Bish's blog I came across his honest conclusion of failure. I hate to fail and beat myself up when I do. I want to be right and perfect and get frustrated when I am not. I hate it when people say things about me that are negative, even if they are true. But Im not perfect, I am a sinner and in a way I need to own up to this not just before God but before people and conclude that I am not perfect, I mess up and will do and say things wrong. But there is hope in the Gospel... read what Bish says:

"The gospel takes the pressure off, means I can admit I got things wrong, means I can grow and learn and do things differently. Sins instinct is to hide and be ashamed, the gospel means I can hold my hands up, show weakness and not be destroyed for it. It gives me the freedom to make a call, and then reflect afterwards that it might not have been the right call. It gives me the freedom to be.

The gospel stops me taking myself too seriously - I'm freed to take Jesus seriously and think less often about myself. I'm free to bear with other, to be kind to others. And the gospel helps others to bear with me, to spur me on. To be generous to me beyond reason. To pick me up when I drop the ball - to look me in the face and speak gospel truth to me in the moment of my humiliation. so I can carry on."

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