Monday, May 25, 2009

Jesus the Carpenter

What do you think is the most Holy work that you can do? What is the most pleasing work you can do for God? Perhaps we think being a minister is the most Holiest work you can do, or being a Staff worker for UCCF or being a missionary in Africa. In our minds we have statuses of work when someone, particularly a Christian, says what they do for a job. When people say that they are a full time mum, a factory worker, a dustbin man, a student etc. We don't tend to respond very well. But when someone says that they are a missionary in Africa or a minister, our response may well be "wow, that's amazing".

Perhaps our theology of work is wrong. So I am reminded by what Jesus did for 30 years before starting his 3 years ministry. Jesus was a carpenter for 30 years. That's hard manual labor, working with wood, splinters, hammers, sweat, being creative with wood. That doesn't sound much like "Holy Work". Where was the dog collar? Where was the pulpit or coffee shop with the bible open?

How amazing is it that the creator of the universe spent 30 years of his human life on earth working like we do in what we would describe as a mundane job. It is amazing and makes me think that its an honour to work for God in what seems the most unremarkable job.

Therefore let us not see any work as more Holy then the other, because in fact its more about your heart attitude to your work. Will you turn up to work today and be Jesus to those around you? Will you rejoice in Jesus when you are at your desk punching in numbers, when you are looking after your children, when you are emptying dustbins or when your opening a bible with your student.

In Genesis 1, God makes it clear that we were made to work. It wasn't something that appeared after the fall. Do you think when we get to heaven we will sit on clouds all day eating Philadelphia? I don't think we will, we were designed to work just as Jesus was. But we will work with joy and delight and we can put that into practice now by praying for a change of heart and making a choice of bringing your faith and Jesus to work with you. Whether that's an essay you are writing or teaching a class. It is all work and we are told to do it all for the Glory of God - Colossians 3:23-24. We are serving the Lord Jesus Christ!

William Tyndale (the guy who translated the NT into the English Language) said:

"There is no better work than to please God. To pour water, to wash dishes, to be a cobbler or an apostle is all one. To wash dishes or to preach is all as one as touching the deed to please God."

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Chris said...

thanks Cat - I'm prepping a seminar on work, and this'll be really helpful!