Saturday, January 01, 2011

A new start

A new start. That is what new years are all about. Now I am not one for resolutions simply because I can never stick to them. Truth be told I think I am too lazy to stick to them, yet if I was to make a list I reckon these would be my top 5 resolutions:

1. Take up exercise - run every morning or take up some kind of exercise class! I use to do loads of exercise and it was good and I felt good! But the chances of this happening is quite slim. Unless I get the Wii fit and start running on the spot in my living room! 

2. Join a book club - This may actually happen because I love books and chatting about books. But its always that stumbling block of having to meet new people and introduce yourself and then having to read the book. But there again it would be a great way of meeting people and I love reading. 

3. Commit to a certain amount of Spanish practise a day. You see I speak Spanish in the loose sense of the terms, being in Peru for a year means you pick up a thing or two but then it disappears into vapor as soon as you realize that you can buy bread without stumbling out words that might be totally wrong....

4. Try something new each week - Like baking a new recipe. Going to a new coffee shop. Talking to someone new. That kind of thing!

5. Be more disciplined. Sure I know that Christianity is all about Grace. But there is a connection between being disciplined in prayer and bible meditation to someone who doesn't do it. I read great missionaries rising up 3 hours before the sun and devoting the day to God. Yet I can barely open my eyes during mid morning, let alone start talking to someone! But you never know what could happen!

Well... the likelihood of any of these happening is a possibility, yet probably not all of them and yes I am going in with a defeated attitude already so I am setting myself up for a fall, yet I know what I am like.
I think I just want to start the new year afresh considering there will be so many changes happening. Its time to create new friendships, soak in where I am living, enjoy the life I am given and not envy a different path or try to compete with everyone! Instead I am to love the man who will be my husband soon with deep passion, enjoy good food and company, love Church and devote this all to Jesus. 

So some changes on my blog. A new colour. More about life stuff - making cards, recipes, devotions, photography, going for walks, movies, books, art, real stuff. Not that it wasn't real before, but perhaps this time it will be less showy, less competing with those theological blogs (which this blog never was, I just hoped it would be!). Hopefully this will be more me. Well, I can try can't I?  

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