Sunday, January 02, 2011

Back to childhood

Think adventures. Think pirates. Swords. Sandwiches. Making dens in the woods. Battling the enemy, sailing around the world and all in time for dinner.

This Christmas I had the pleasure of seeing "Swallows and Amazons" the musical with the Caird family. I have never read the Arthur Ransome books, but just from watching this musical, I really love it! There was so much imagination, story, innocence and adventure with not an ipod or facebook in sight. There was realy enjoyment in watching this on stage and feeling like you were a part of the adventure!

If you want to go back to your childhood days of making dens in the woods and climbing trees then these stories will certainly cause you to travel back to those days. There is indeed an Arthur Ransome society which is worth checking out.

I do hope that if we have children, that we can divert them away from the glaring screen and into the garden or local woods so that the area can be turned into castles, hideouts and battlegrounds for amazing adventures.

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