Saturday, January 15, 2011

Highlights of 2010

Every year I look back and note down its highlights and things that have challenged me! And as I look back its been a bit of a rollercoaster! So here are 5 highlights (not in any order):

1. Living in Peru - a challenging, complex, emotional and fun rollercoaster that was jam packed full of experiences that have changed me. I saw Jesus very clearly during my time in Peru and realised how I much I needed Him.

2. New CU in Huaraz - There is indeed a new Christian Union in Huaraz and it was a pleasure to work alongside the students, encourage them and hopefully allowed them to carry on through the years as a CU.

3. Engaged - I got engaged in the summer to Tim and a new chapter in my life begins to unfold as I start to prepare to be a wife with my partner in crime, ready to take on the world with randomness, laughing and a deep love for Jesus! What a mission team! :)

4. New Job - I got a job and its one that God has put on my heart for a long time. Telling students about Jesus. Sharing the Gospel. Working with CU and hopefully encouraging students the way I was encouraged when I was a student by my staff worker and relay workers. Its good to be a part of this team in UCCF and share the vision.

5. New Church, New location - I have moved around a lot this year and finally God has placed my feet in Plymouth and here I will be until he tells us to move again. This leads on to a new church - Waterfront City Church which is a part of New Frontiers. Its so good to be a part of the family and to have a new mission field in Plymouth - this will be a great time of being out of my comfort zone! :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the engagement! When is the big day?

Cat said...

Thank you :) It will be in April! Very exciting!