Monday, July 06, 2009

Time to consider

Time is an interesting thing, it always feels to me that time speeds up at the best parts of life and then slows down during the waiting periods of life. 10 month of my life seemed to disappear into moments that consisted of challenges, struggles, laughter, epic lessons, study and life changing moments. Right now I have been given what seems a whole summer, two or three months to prepare for the next adventure. I look at this stretch now and know that it will go quickly, but if I stood on the other end of this stretch would I conclude that I made the most out of the time given to me? Would I see all the people I wanted to see, read all the books I wanted to read, watched the movies, taken Gospel opportunities, encouraged others, served in church and show my parents something of Jesus Christ.

One thing I must remember is that time is not my own, it is all Christs. Every day is His. Which really challenges me in how I will spend each day. Will it be idle or will it be full of activity that is exhausting? Will it be rooted in his word, feasting on it daily or will it be quick glances and then sliding into a Sunday Christian.

The last word from Bristol Staff Worker Jim, was a challenge about our bibles. Will they be left on the bedside table or will they be open and regularly read? Its not about legalism or works or guilt. Its about knowing Jesus.

This summer has been given to me as a gift and I want to use it well. A time to rest and to sharpen my mind and to get to know Jesus. It is exciting! Any suggestions on what I can do are welcome...

How are you going to spend your summer?

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