Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Coffee and Adventures

A bit of blog spotting here.

On Marcus Honeysetts blog, he notes how having adventures in our christian life is important. It is easy for us to get comfortable and miss out on what we could be doing. He says:

The worst thing is to settle for having no adventures in the Christian life. That is the definition of faithless spiritual mediocrity. Do we somehow think that travelling with God to see new vistas, new things he is doing, new fields to reach for Jesus won't be wonderful? If our watchwords are "caution", "safety", "risk-free", "comfort" we will have a really boring spiritual life. At the end of our lives the tragedy will be that we realise that there were escarpments to climb that we never climbed, rivers to ford that we never crossed, panoramas to marvel at that we never glimpsed, adventures with God that we politely declined.

I agree with Marcus here. How boring and sad it would be to not have any adventures in our Christian life, to not have joy in Christ and to not stretch out of our comfort zones. He goes on to say that we need people in our life that stretch us and push us into adventures with God. I know a few of these people in my life, where by just being around them I know that no moment with them is dull because of their excitement with Jesus. It is inspiring.

Marcus goes on to say in an earlier post about church and comfort zones:

How many churches are comfort zones for people, that justify and validate us not living as Jesus lived, rather than discomfort zones that challenge and equip us to live as Jesus lived?
Once again, really challenging! We so easily lie in our nests and get comfortable. The Christian life is not meant to be comfortable, it certainly shouldn't be in church.

On a different note - Over at the Bluefish. We have Dave taking us through what good coffee is. I like this. I am tempted to throw all instant coffee out - you can't beat filter coffee. Possibly my favourite line:

Kenco promise that they use the same coffee beans for their instant and ground coffee products. That may be true enough, but that's more of an insult to the name of coffee than an enhancement of their instant brand. Instant coffee is to ground coffee what a McDonalds burger is to a steak. It makes a lot of difference.

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