Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I thought it was a bench...

The first of July is here.
Relay has ended.

It can only mean one thing!

Lets talk about.... ART!

I have embarked on a new project with fellow ex-relay workers. It is called - "I thought it was a bench" here is the blurb for it:

Have you ever been to an art gallery and sat an a piece of art, mistaking it for a bench? Or have you spend a long time examining the bench as if it were the main exhibit, only to see someone come and sit on it and look at the painting behind you? And then you see loads of similar benches around the room.

Maybe you've not been in those particular situations - but if you're anything like me, you've been to art galleries and felt out of place and a bit of an ignoramus.

Maybe you don't care - just so long as you know what you like... But why?

Today sees the launch of this exciting new project called "I thought it was a bench..." Welcome.

It's going to be a fascinating journey of discovery as we learn more and more about art and truth.

Please continue to check the website out as the plan unfolds about what we are doing.

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