Monday, June 08, 2009

Relay 3

Last week I was at Relay 3. It was a mixture of many things, but overall I loved it and will miss Relay a lot. I just want to share some highlights with you:

  • Amazing Friendships. Amazing people. An Amazing God.
  • Prayer Cell fun and sweets
  • Learning Ceroc dancing
  • Big Bonfire outside and roasting marshmallows, singing praises to God.
  • Helen Taylors Testimony
  • Many tears. Many Laughs
  • Strange food mixtures
  • Presentations - funny, sad, strange and a reminder of how wonderful God is.
  • Church is not about me.
  • Pursue Love
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Fellowship group and escaping to the pub!
  • Eds poetry
  • Banter with Jen and her non funny jokes
  • Being prayed for about homestart
  • 16 people doing Homestart. 13 in Europe. 2 in Latin America. 1 in China
  • South West Team!
  • Chunk It!!!
  • The best and hardest year ever...
  • BUT God is still God and Grace is still true.

Strong in thy Strength, Safe in Thy Keeping tender. We rest on thee and in thy name we go...


Paul said...

Aren't the presentations great? One of the top 5 Relay moments for me.

Anonymous said...

It was such an amazing week!