Saturday, June 13, 2009

What worship has become

Michael Spenser, over at internetmonk has written a challenging post on what worship has become. A snapshot of this is below. Read fully here:

"Worship has now become a musical term. Praise and worship means music. Let’s worship means the band will play. We need to give more time to worship doesn’t mean silent prayer or public scripture reading or any kind of participatory liturgy. It means music.

We have a lot of happy people right now. They have no idea what Biblical worship is outside of the context of their favorite songs played by a kickin’ band. They have little idea of worship in vocation, in family, in ordinary work or in silence. They credit their favorite songs as major spiritual events."

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Paul said...

There's a ditch on either side of the road here. It depends what context you're in as to which is the danger.

We should offer spiritual worship to God in our lives by being living sacrifices. Many people forget that and it's all about Sunday.

But there's another type of Christian who has latched onto that truth and fails to recognise the importance of the gathering of believers.

The word 'worship' in the NT doesn't come out of nowhere. It comes after 39 books of Old Testament, an awful lot of which is talking about ritual/gathered worship in the sanctuary/garden. We are still babies in the modern church at the special act of worshiping God together in our Sunday services.

The Bible (and creation) goes from heaven to the world, from the sanctuary outwards. My suspicion is that if we get corporate worship really right then people will learn how to worship in their lives.

God's will is to be done on earth as it is in heaven. That means we've got to know what worship in heaven/church is before we can know what it is in our lives.