Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Student Work in Peru

As I was sitting on the 8 hour bus to Huaraz, my destination was to be a beautiful mountain valley that I would be spending 4 months in. I had several thoughts - firstly the task ahead of me, which was to set up a Christian Union Group in the University in Huaraz, was like a shadow weighing upon me and I wondered how I was possibly going to do this with hardly any Spanish and shyness that creeped over me and covered me like a bubble. My second thought was simply... this is not going to work and no one else thinks this will happen.

How wrong was I?

Firstly my problem was that I was trusting in myself instead of God. The second was that I was finding my identity in my Spanish and my ability to do things...when it should of been in Jesus.

Student work is different here, there is a different framework however the same Gospel. The same God. All you need is some passionate students that have captured the vision, that love Jesus and want to share Him and you need prayer and a trust in Jesus. We need to be on our knees, lifting up this to Jesus and being thankful for the blessings an situations that come our way. Student work is different in Peru - but its the same Gospel.

So what do we have?

We now have a Christian Union in Huaraz - so far we have had 11 students and we now have a committee. Here it is, missionary work in action - Jesus does it, he opens hearts, provides ways of meeting people and uses us as we are weak and reminds us how we need to trust in Him and allow Him to use us in our weakness and humility. Its always about Him. This is the beauty of it - we are never here to present ourselves or our abilities, but we are here to present Christ, always. 

So, there is now a CU group in Huaraz, Peru. Gracias a Dios :)

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Phil Duncalfe said...

Awesome! Great to be reminded how the gospel of Christ crosses language barriers and how fortunate we are to be a part of the process even with what we see as a limited skill set. God bless, sounds like a rewarding time out there.