Monday, March 22, 2010

Fascinate people to the Gospel

There is something about Christians that should be different. We should stand out. 
Go against the crowed. 

We have a message of hope, we carry an eternal promise of truth. We have Jesus. 
Our lifestyles should reflect this truth. We should be courageous in Love, reaching to the dirty, the outcasts, the low in society, the unclean, the hopeless. 

We shouldnt be concerned with social status or jobs, because we wear a different dress code. Our actions and words should scream a different story thats so radical from society:
that promotes Jesus over man, 
that shares the good news, 
that performs acts of extreme love and Joy and hope and not be tainted with worries of success and career and what people think. 

We should fascinate the people to the Gospel, showing them Jesus, showing them how beautiful He is, showing the cross and carrying our cross. 

We should fascinate the world by not being concerned of self image, or trying to buy the latest gadgets, or trying to be popular.

We should fascinate the world by forgiving when it hurts so much, to love when all there can be is loss, to give everything of our things, possesions and ourselves when the world is trying to claim the 'mine' label. Lets not hold on or strive for things of this world.

Lets fascinate the world to the Gospel, not to ourselves, but to Jesus

May the world find itself in a moment of fascination over how we live our lives because we are not living for ourselves but for Jesus, because we would rather be amoung the lowly, the poor, the meek, the hurting, the lost then to be with the rich, powerful, proud. We would rather be without and full of Joy in Christ then have everything and still be unsatisfied.

Lets fascinate the world with Jesus.


Jeff said...

Good article.

It reminds me of John 13:35: "By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." (NIV)

The "People's New Testament" Commentary says about the same verse, "The love and self-sacrifice of Christians has done more to extend the name of Christ than argument. In the early ages, heathen were wont to say: See how these Christians love one another."

If only churches today would stand out in society as being places where unbelievers would say, "Wow, those Christians really love one another!"

Phil Duncalfe said...


Steve Wicks said...

I totally agree.

This a great little video of a John Piper sermon about "don't waste your life" put to music.

Always get me think. Yeh Amen to that.