Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beware the thief

Our hearts are somewhat easily taken in by what people say and their attitudes. When you are with someone that continues to complain or find the negative side of everything, then in time a part of you starts to wither. Our hearts are sponges that absorb this atmosphere and these attitudes. I have noticed this from christians and in my own heart.
We need to be careful. We need to guard our hearts from this. But its hard when its a fellow brother or sister in Christ,  because we get sucked into their feelings and attitudes. However we need to take care that our joy is not stolen from us or that we so easily allow our job to be taken. We need to come back to Christ and pour our heart out, be washed inside out and be rooted into the love of Christ, soaking our hearts and minds in His word and being reminded of His beauty and of His Grace. 

Focus on Jesus and capture back that child like faith, the one that is totally in awe of the works of God, being able to encourage good. Having a love that is deep and sacrificing, and a boldness that will share Jesus with everyone because you are sharing the one thing that is most precious to you, thats the treasure of your heart. 
Dont let the thief steal your joy. 
Dont fall into the mindset that its ok to gossip or try to justify that you can pick holes in every event or situation or person
Dont let the thief steal your joy. 
Instead see other christians as God sees them - covered by the blood of the lamb, forgiven by the grace of God, loved through Christ. 
Beware the thief and the heart that is ready to give away its joy in order to please others.

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