Thursday, February 26, 2009

Who is the greatest?

As I was watching the West Wing, something caught my attention. One of the script writers for the president listed a bunch of achievements that mankind had achieved... it made me think about these great things we claimed to have done. Such as; splitting open the atom, sending a man to the moon, being able to fly, building the tallest buildings, technology and nearly being able to reach the stars.

In all of these things I wonder what God thinks. I wonder what He thought when we landed on the moon and tried to reach heaven. Will we get a "well done?" or is it more of an ache of despair because the God of heaven came down to earth, walked on the earths soil, ate, drank, communicated, touched those around him. He was real and right here. Yet we think we can touch heaven with our sophistication, with our wonderful acts and pronounce "We are the greatest"... I wonder what God says to that?

In fact I think He already has said it. Right where the nails pierced the son of God, there resonates what he thinks about us. He no doubt loves us, He died for us... but the reason he died for us is because we think we are the greatest and we reject God. All those things we have done are nothing compared to Jesus. Nothing. What do we have to boast in? Nothing but the Cross of Christ - the most awful and terrible act that mankind has ever done. We forget about those things don't we?

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