Monday, February 16, 2009

Free Week overview

Free Week was amazing. Apologies for not finishing off blogging on what happened, lots of stuff happened and if you are on my prayer letter list then you would of got more regular updates!! So I thought I would do a review of the week:

Seven Reason Why Free Week was Amazing....

1) The Gospel is True and we got to share it to over a 100 people in each event...

2) Two students became Christians last week...this is awesome.

3) Bostons Tea Party was a great success and the atmosphere was amazing...

4) The day started with a long walk and then prayer. Praying with students and seeing God answer them was amazing.

5) Eating in halls was fantastic and some good conversations were had.

6) Spending time with CUGS was brilliant - encouraging and really fun!

7) Jesus is amazing. The whole week made me praise Jesus more. Love it!

Thank you for all your prayers.

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Chris said...

woohoo! this makes me love jesus more too, so amen to that - thanks for inspiring me to review & be thankful.