Monday, February 09, 2009

ECU Free Week Day 1

Day 1...

As my alarm sounded off its beeps which awoke me from a nice slumber and then the radio blasted out the gentle tones of radio 4 talking, I realised that it was 6:45am and my 5th mission week had begun. Once dressed and semi awake, I flicked to Psalm 111 and was reminded that the name of the Lord was Holy and awesome... that was a nice start. I then stepped outside and the heavens had opened - rain was falling hard and strong. A part of me wondered why would it have to rain this week when we had snow all last week... but God is good and He knows what He is doing!!

Prayer with the Hallgroup was encouraging. It was good to lift up everything this week to God, knowing that it is for His Glory and not for us...

Which leads me on to what happened wonderfully at the lunch bar... As everyone was tucking into their food and finding a seat, John started talking. He was grappling with the idea of "Why am I Here?"... Then suddenly a sound blasted from the room. Yes it was that sound that pierces your ears and can wake you up from a coma... the Fire Alarm went off. So we all went outside in the rain, umbrellas and hoods up, shivering and yet the crowd still remained. So what could we do at this point?... Well - have the talk outside! So under a small covering we crowded round the speaker as he told us about Jesus. I felt like I was in Acts, re-living one of Peters or Pauls sermons as the crowds gathered to hear the Good News. Questions were asked, people discussed...God was moving among them.

What is also exciting was that at BTP (Bostons Tea Party) where the evening events were held, God drew in a crowed of about 150ish people. It was amazing, people were standing and crouched just to hear the Good News!! What an encouraging day to start with...

Please do pray on a personal level, that I would have oppertunities to talk to people about Jesus - with boldness, courage and love. I find starting conversations hard, so need to rely on God!

Also..pray for energy, not just for me, but for students and for the other CU guests helping this week.

Thank you so much for all your support!!

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