Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just some thoughts

If anyone is interested, here are some random musings:

1. Why do the British only talk about the weather? Ok so it keeps changing, but even when we go abroad to more stable weather countries - we still talk about it. Is it perhaps because we don't like meaningful conversation?

2. Is Facebook actually a waste of time? Does it aid or hinder my use of time? Would there be a difference if I spent more time in my close community and in prayer with God instead of looking at photos on facebook?

3.I really love the fact that its snowing. It is really beautiful and white and makes me think how Jesus will wash us clean as white as snow...now thats bright!

4. Why do I always feel Christmas is an anti-climax? Its like a self-indulgent holidays where I am not celebrating Jesus but I am enjoying more the fact that I will be getting nice gifts and everything shouts at me from the TV that Santa is some kind of scary God with his naughty and nice list...?

5. I do wonder why Christian ministry always seems about "doing" and being worn out. What about passionate grace filled ministry, where there is permission to fail and to enjoy telling people about Jesus.

6. My mission field is a lot harder in Plymouth then Peru. Funny that.

7. Some friendships really change and fade away. Sometimes that is good and allows room for new friendships. But the ones that stay the same are really special and are truly solid friendships - the kind that will weep and laugh with you, make fun of you and chat for hours with you while rebuking you now and then. I love those friendships!

8. Romans 8 is wonderful.

9. God really does comfort us in our afflictions.

10. I sometimes wish that more excitement and interest would go into the actual marriage and in becoming a wife which is for a lifetime then the one day that I wear an expensive dress, have a big party and eat cake...I feel some things have more significance...

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