Monday, November 22, 2010

JPOD - Staff Worker version 2.0

I am quite enjoying JPOD by Dougles Coupland, probably because I spent a year in IT support at University and can relate to the randomness of this book and at heart I am a geek! During the book there are pages full of random quotes and sentences that just add to the surreal life of Ethan and his JPOD companions. How far from reality is JPOD? Probably not that far off, although no one seems to sleep and they go on random trips to China (which hasn't happened to me yet). But perhaps in the fiction there is a base of reality that highlights the mundane and splashes it across absurdity. So it occurred to me that for fun I could write my own page of JPOD but relating to being a UCCF Staff Worker. And of course it is meant to be weird and not taken seriously.

STAFF WORKER version 2.0
TEAM LEADER upgrade.
Please press any key to continue..

FILTER COFFEE GOSPEL and £1 to buy Starbucks.

"Come and have Breakfast"
Fish and Chips after death.

Freedom. Gospel. Grace. Love.

Are you a miserable Christian?
I Blog. I Think. I Drink... 
Mac books are in Heaven.

I wear Fat Face. I am not Face Face. Face Fat. Book

I Create. I Dream. I Believe.
That is a good question....................................................................?
We have ink on our faces.
It is good to be a Christian. 


South West Team. Soup
Ruggle Juggle 
Welcome to Exeter. Plymouth. Falmouth. Bristol. Bath

3:16.8:1.2:20.5:1. Genesis. ADAM. CHRIST. APPLE. CROSS. FREE 
Snapshot of Cross Culture.

My morning drink is Exodus with a sprinkle of Romans.
Living for Jesus. Speaking for Jesus.
Houseparty. 3 Block. Seminar. Ear Plugs.
Diving into the Gospel. Team Days. CAKE!

Reforming the heart. EDWARDS. OWEN.
Jesus is beautiful. 

Lets have beautiful feet. 
            Feet need to walk and share good news. 
                    Good news needs to be in our hearts. 
                              Our hearts need to know Christ. 
                                                       CHRIST IS ALL.


Relationships. Tears. Goodbyes. New pages. Chapters unfold.
Be creative.
Don't wear socks and sandals. 
Do Enjoy.

STANDBY until HE Returns.

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