Friday, November 19, 2010

Colossians - Freedom in the Gospel (pt4)

There is always great joy and celebration when someone becomes a Christian. But after the first couple of months the joy seems to fade... ever wonder why that is?

Paul continues to remind the Colossians and us about what Christ has done. He remarks "in Him..." we have everything. In the Gospel we have freedom because Christ has done everything. We are no longer under the things in 2v16-23 like regulations of "do not taste or touch" etc

 But yet we are wired to keep going back to rules and regulations or the law. We think it will keep us safe but in fact it makes us miserable Christians. So how refreshing it is to be reminded in these passages that Christ has done everything and we free in the Gospel.

This is what new and older Christians need to hear - the Gospel and what Jesus has done, to keep coming back to the joy that is in the Gospel and that we don't have to add anything on to the Gospel. Lets keep being "rooted and built up in Him"...

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