Saturday, January 02, 2010

2009 Review

Happy New Year! I can´t believe that its 2010...

Normally I do a month by month review, but this time I am going to do some highlights of 2009! These are my highlights:

  • Doing Relay and learning so much over those 10 months - also making amazing friends.
  • Having a mission week in Poland
  • Leading a student to Christ
  • Seeing many students in Exeter become Christians
  • Marjons Mission week
  • Team days with the SW
  • 121s with students - coffee and the bible open
  • Oxford International Outreach
  • God providing a way to Peru
  • Living in Peru
  • 2 years with Tim
  • Going to Chile
  • Seeing Lake Titikaka
  • Having Christmas in Peru
  • Camping on the beach in Peru for New Years
There were obviously hard times this year too, but I think they are an example of God showing me more of Him. An extreme struggle yet also a joy was obeying God to go to Peru, although I knew He was calling me there, there was also great times of wrestling in prayer as to whether this was right, whether leaving the ones I loved behind for 10 months was right. But God was faithful and provided a way especially when everyone was panicking because nothing was settled or known about my placement until a month before going. Again God was faithful. His patience is surely remarkable and the good times that have been had were all because of His Grace. Roll on 2010!

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