Monday, April 20, 2009

Writing the last part of the Exeter Chapter...

Here I am sitting on a train that rumbles on its tracks and the scenery outside the giant windows begin to merge and smudge as the train gains speed and momentum. I have a deep feeling in the pit of my stomach that I am infact speeding towards this final part of the Exeter chapter. This is the last term in Exeter, with its Boston Tea Party, Sandy beech, 200 people ECU and studying Gods word with various Exeter Ladies that will hopefully one day be great leaders of Christ whether thats through being a housewife or a missionary in a foreign country.

What I love about my job is how God has shaped and changed attitudes. How He has indeed surprised me in every way. It has been a privilege to serve God in the South West, to be apart of a team of people that are committed to bring the Good News of Jesus onto campus. I love the fact that we get to plant seeds and by the Grace of God they may flourish and grow! I pray that all the students at Exeter who know Christ will fling their lives away for Christ and that perhaps this year they may have seen the Glory of Jesus and that they love him more which will be reflected in every part of their lives.

There is much to do for this last term. New ways to be stretched and ways to be dependant on Christ. I pray that my love for Christ will grow, that may passion will blossom and that I will be changed. I pray that I will see more of God, know Him more and see more people come to Christ. Also that my pride and selfishness will be stripped away and I will be a humble servant of Christ. Waiting and Ready to go where ever he sends me.

This last part of the chapter will be exciting. I hope I make the most of every opportunity. Please pray that I do. Thank you.

Now lets start this last section with a cup of coffee! YUM!

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Anonymous said...

eras coming to a close make me really sad! If only it didnt have to end...