Saturday, April 25, 2009

Treasure the Word

The Word of God is a treasure. Its a delight to read and get to grips with. Yet at times it can be an academic exercise. It can become a source of gaining knowledge, gaining understanding and not seeing Jesus in the text.

I was recently reading a book by a missionary where she plucked out of her memory verses of scripture that helped her focus on truth and on Jesus. It left me really thinking about this. This may get our minds twitching at this point because taking verses out of context is generally a no. Yet there is some great comfort and delight in having verses at the forefront of your mind that you can recall and can speak truth into what ever situation you are in.

The Word of God is more then an academic exercise. Its the living breathing word of God. There are great truths in the bible that we can treasure in our hearts, there are psalms that we can bring to mind and gemstones of verses written by Paul. Context is of course really important, im not saying its not. But I think its important not to treat the bible as an academic exercise but instead to treasure the word in your heart. Memorize scripture and see the Holy Spirit work in your life and you may find he brings to light verses that have been in your memory or that you have read recently that will aid you. rebuke you or remind you of glorious truth.

Treasure the Word of God in your heart.

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