Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You won't Run but Drift...

Last night at ECU, Stu Alred from New Frontiers Exeter came to speak on Hebrews 1. I think Stu has such a gift in preaching and I could listen to him for hours. He has such a passion for the Word of God and always has a focus on Jesus while his nose is in the text. ECU are privileged to have such support and feeding from great teachers from the church and Staff Workers. Yet even with great teaching, great events there is a danger for every Christian. Stu hit this nail on its head by drawing our attention to 2v1 - "Therefore we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, lest we drift away from it."

Are YOU paying attention?!?!

What I have noticed is how I passively breath in the Gospel and not pay attention to its heart pounding relevance. Right now I am not prone to run from Jesus, that is the last thing I want to do. People would notice if I sprinted away from the Gospel. But drifting is easy, its silent and slow. Like wood on the sea that slowly drifts away from the safety of land. It just starts with one thing, like spending less time in the morning praying or reading your bible, skipping church to have more sleep time, focusing more time on your degree, work, ambitions and then suddenly you look around and you are so far from Jesus and you have no clue how you got there. It would be like waking up from a drunken haze to find yourself in the gutter.

So Stu challenged us with a question - "What are we placing higher then Jesus?" Is it religious experience? Angels? Friends? Career? Popularity? We all have something we place higher then Jesus because our focus is so easily distracted, but what is making us drift from Jesus? Drifting is Dangerous.

So lets get our eyes back on Him. Lets rub our noses in the ink of the bible and let that ink smudge on our faces. Lets have our hearts beat with eager excitement of the great treasure that is Christ. Lets not drift, but lets cling to the Cross. Let us flee from temptation into the Loving arms of the Father, Gazing on His Glory.

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