Saturday, March 07, 2009

My 6th Mission Week....

Last week was my 6th Mission Week since starting Uni in 2004... I was a CU Guest at Marjons, which is a small Uni in Plymouth. I learnt alot of things this week that I want to share with you.

  • 1. The Gospel is true...
  • 2. Small Cu's are great and they have such a family feel about them
  • 3. I have never met so warm and loving Christian Students before
  • 4. Seeds are planted and God grows them.
  • 5. People are hungry for the Word of God. They can't stop talking about it.
  • 6. God answers prayers.
  • 7. It is good to encourage...always find the good.
  • 8. 8am prayer meetings arn't too bad.
  • 9. Talking about Jesus is the best thing ever.
  • 10. Listning to people is key. Listning and comforting when all they want to do is cry and talk. Then pray.
  • 11. Jesus took on the punishment I deserved. This is AMAZING.
  • 12. I love students
  • 13. I love seeing student passionate for Jesus and still going for it when they have little resources.
  • 14. You don't need a huge CU to have a Mission week.
  • 15. Not everything is black and white - we need compassion and love.
  • 16. We are working with real people, with real needs and hurts. They don't need church jargon or do's and don'ts - they need to see how God loves them and that the Gospel is real for them.
  • 17. It is good to see students have Joy in what they do and joy in having fun, going out and being with their non Christian friends.
  • 18. I LOVE my job.
  • 19. I really want to do this job forever....
  • 20. This is my 6th mission week....and its been my favourite one!


dave bish said...

Next stop: Warszawa!

Anonymous said...

congrats on learning the gospel is true!