Friday, May 27, 2011

Spring Read

I have just finished two brilliant books which I want to share with you, although I am behind the times so you have probably read them!

1. Birdsong
This book has been on my reading list for ages - probably because I thought it would be boring or just too much of a guys war book... but it is far from it! Its a wonderful story that is quite graphic in areas but it grips you and you cant put the book down. Set in world war I, we are taken through the horrific details of wartime trenches and the life of a soldier called Stephen. Its about finding and losing love. Its about idols and the heart wrenching truth of when they fail us. Its about the dangers of power and the lusts of youth. Its brilliant and worth a read...

2. Time Traveler's wife
If you have seen the film, well the book is better...and less confusing!! This is about a time traveller who juggles time travelling un-expectantly, a marriage and other events! This is such a clever story and all credit must go to the author. The film doesn't do it justice. This book is a mixture of romance and suspense. You will wonder how this will all work out till the very end... worth a read.


Emma said...

Hi Cat

Thanks for the recommendations. I started reading Birdsong but then gave up because I had a horrible feeling it would end badly. But this has inspired me to give it another go.

Cat said...

Aw good! Yeh the start of birdsong takes a while to get into - but once you carry on, its really good...and the ending isnt too tear yerky!!!