Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday morning is for...

[and coffee].

Bible open. Notepad and pen to the ready. Articles to look at and coffee brewing.

My question that I am mulling over today is how I read the bible - how do I read scripture? More specifically how do I read the OT and the NT...

Some Monday morning questions to ponder over:

Do I believe that the NT interprets the OT?
Do I think the OT interprets the NT?

Does the NT tell me that I need to re-read the OT in a different way and that Jesus re-interprets the OT for me...or does the OT interpret what Jesus and the apostles are saying and therefore the OT does not need interpreting from the NT?

Is the Trinity in the OT? ... Or does God just like talking to himself? ...

These are just questions floating around. Not really for anyone to answer, but feel free to comment!


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure the trinity is in the old testament tbh, and probably not in the NT either

Cat said...

Thats really interesting. Why do you think that? :)

Cherry said...

Actually I remember a bible study when my pastor indicated that the Trinity is in the OT. Don't quote me on this...but I believe it's in Genesis during the creation where in the original hebrew the word for God is the plural form. And specifically 3! I'm not entirely sure...will need to do some research on the subject and get back to you on it.

Glen said...

"Is the Trinity in the OT? ... Or does God just like talking to himself? ..."


He's mad, sad or Trinity!

Great meeting you today. You know what I think...

Cat said...

Hey Cherry,

I think you are right - the hebrew word is Elohim, which is plural!

Glen has written some great posts on Christ in the OT, have a read and do comment on what you find :)

Cherry said...

Hi Cat..thanks for sending me over to Glen's site! As a life long Lutheran and whole hearted believer in Christ, I love reading about what other believers are saying and doing! Thanks again!

Just realized that you and Glen are both in England...awesome! I on the other hand and am writing you from sunny Southern California. San Diego to be exact!

I am looking forward to reading your blog some more!


Cat said...

Hey, Thats ok! I hope you found Glens sight helpful :)

Yeh we are both from England..I wish we could say it was sunny though. It looks like summer has been and gone :(