Saturday, July 17, 2010

What I will miss

So the time for me to leave Peru after being here for nearly a year is fast approaching. It had been an amazing experience and at times very challenging. Once I am back in England I will take time to reflect on what God has taught me. But first I want to share the things I will miss about Peru, which are the things that I have enjoyed or have gotten use to!

- The laid back culture
- The beautiful mountains
- The different types of fruit
- The relationships made here with Peruvians and other nationalities.
- Speaking Spanish
- Everything is cheap
- The food: even rice and chicken!
- The Peruvian way of life
- Sunshine!!
- The randomness of how things are done and there is no use in getting uptight about it but you just need to go with the flow.
- A mission team
- The CU in Huaraz
- Being late and that being ok
- having 3 different climates in Peru
- Gods faithfulness in hard times

There are many things I will miss and yet there are many things I am looking forward to when I get home. God is good whereever you are.


Anonymous said...

I really miss being able to be late and it being okay now that I'm back in the UK for the summer...

dave bish said...

Don't worry, Plymouth is a fairly horizontally laid-back place.