Monday, May 24, 2010

Beautiful Feet


How beautiful my feet are
When dancing through life
With each step a new birth
And breath of eternal life.
Etching its way through darkness
To give way to light.
How my feet walk through fire
Carrying the drops of hope
And a message of dripping joy.

Yet at times when they drag
Unexpectantly clinging to earths gold
Overflowing with gripping fear -
It is easy to see the lights grow dim
And the eyes that held hope begin to wither
Into a blaze of uncertainty.
Here my feet stand still, unmoving.
Shivering in self satisfaction.

Then a cry is heard:
Where has the beauty gone?
At what depths has it plundered
For the sake of fleeting pleasure?
O how fear and pride shackle beauty!
Until there is a changing wind
And whispers of forgiveness and blood shed
That sweeps away the crusty leaves
That were buried in this heart,
Letting rays of truth flood in;
Warming the feet until moving
Waking the veins until shouting.
Only to find that soon
The scent of good news
Is being carried again -
By beautiful feet. 

By Catherine Hare

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Phil Duncalfe said...

I like it. Great poem.