Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Glance at Galatians Pt 4

Pt 4 :: Discipline in the church and in Peru

How do we feel when we get told off? It feels like we are at school and the teacher writes in red pen in your note book "see me". *gulp*.
But what about in church? What does discipline look like in church? I think its very easy to switch off from this and not really see it as important. But something I have learnt is that there is discipline in the church in Peru and they take it seriously. I have heard of cases where people have done things like adultary or stealing etc have been made an example of in front of the whole church and been taken out of ministry. I wonder what your first reaction would be of that? I also wonder how you would classify which sins need to be most disciplined?

Sometimes we shy aware from discipline and say that we cannot judge the other person and therefore should not discipline them if they have sinned. But I wonder whether thats biblical? No im not saying that what peruvians do here is an example, but it made me realise how seriouse dicipline is here and how they view sin.

Have a look at Galatians 2:11-14. Paul openly in a letter tells of his rebuking of Peter. Why would Paul include this? I think Paul was showing his love for Peter and the use of discipline and that its good to discipline one another because he wants the church to live for Jesus and show the truth of the Gospel and he wants to encourage them to seek that in each other and sometimes that means rebuking and challenging one another.

Its hard though, especially when you live in a culture that says that you can do what ever you like, that you are King of your world and no one can tell you otherwise. But perhaps the truth is, is that the church needs to exercise discipline as well as Grace and this can only happen with a love for the people and a conviction of the word of God. I dont think its something to be feared nor should discipline occure without help provided, but there is discipline in the bible and God disciplines those whom he loves. But what would that look like in the church now?

I am just throwing out a lot of questions. Do come back to me on them!

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