Saturday, November 21, 2009

Confidence in the Gospel

What happens when we lose our confidence in the Gospel?
When we find that we haven´t been rooting our identity in Christ?

Its really easy to depend on feelings and I find it easy to depend heavily on my feelings while in Peru especially when your not being fed spiritually at church. But regardless where you are or what situation you are in, its important to keep our confidence in the Gospel and to remind ourselves of what the Gospel says. In the book by Tim Chester - "The Ordinary Hero" he writes about what it means to live in the light of the Cross and Resurrection and there is one bit that he wrote about thats really challenged me and helped me here. He says that if we have confidence in Gospel truths then it will affect our actions and our heart:

  • If you´re confident that God loves you, then you´ll love other people
  • If you´re confident that God died for you, then you´ll lay down your life for other people.
  • If you´re confident that God loved you while you were still his enemy, then you´ll not complain when other people let you down.
  • If you´re confident that God´s gracious to you, then you´ll be gracious to other people.

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Timmy C said...

Thanks for sharing the quote Catty :) I've felt quite challenged through finding out that if I wan't to model Jesus to other people, that begins with loving & enjoying God & seeking his heart in things.

Thanks for the encouragement to have confidence in Gospel truths, rather than how we feel about things. It's a humbling reminder that the disciples didn't share the gospel because they felt good about it, but because they knew it was true and that it was the word they shared that changed the lives, not how they felt at the time.