Friday, October 16, 2009

Just Living in Peru

I guess one of the questions most asked is - "What is it like to live in Peru?". I guess when most people think of mission or perhaps South America, you think of mud huts, half naked people and eating strange food. I assure you that its not like that here. There are many differences to England, but actually they are not bad differences and I have not experiences culture shock, although I am sure it is to come... but let me share with you some differences...

  • They have a small breakfast, a huge lunch and a small dinner...
  • They wake up very early, 5/6 am and go to bed early 9/10pm
  • The sun sets at 6pm everyday
  • You don´t put the toilet paper in the toilet but in a bin.
  • They have more amazing fruit here and its fresh!
  • They have pasta and rice for nearly every meal
  • The buses are very cheap and they cram as many people as possible in them - its quite fun!
  • I am living in a desert.
  • They love to play games at parties, no matter what age the people are!
  • They take spending time with people seriously and are not "time orientated" but "event orientated"... so when something starts at 7, people wont show up till 8 or later, that can be for anything!
  • I live amoung mountains and volcanoes
  • We have earthquakes here
  • They eat purple maiz...well its more of a jelly, so they drink it - its nice!!
(The picture is of the city I am living in at the mo, and the volcanoe is El Misti)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update :)

We've got toilet bins here in Athens. Don't think there's many things that smell worse than when you have to empty one on a hot day...