Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hola from Peru

So here I am. Home for the next year or so. The dust of the streets clinging to your clothes, the smell of street food vendors, feeling like a giant among a crowed of people (impressive for someone 5"3), being introduced to many people and not understanding a lot. In some ways I am relying more on God then ever. You know when Paul says in Philippians 3 that he counts everything as loss for the sake of Christ? That he cannot boast in anything but the cross? In many ways I connect with that, because right now I cannot boast in anything. I cannot communicate with people and my pride has been dashed from me (which is good), to be honest, the only thing I can boast in is Christ. He is the one that is with me, He is my Shepard, and understands me when noone else can - that is a comfort. I dont really have anything I can cling on to here except Him...and its good. Its good to know that the Gospel is true and that there is nothing else worth boasting in except Christ and the Cross.

What does it mean to be a Relay worker here? Its not like Exeter. In some ways I was more tempted to stand on my knowledge and understanding - but that is somewhat unhinged when your in a different culture, when you cant speak the language. I believe sharing the Gospel is so important, but what if you cant speak? I wonder how Paul managed in places where he couldnt speak the language?

But from what I have seen, I think the next step is to show the Gospel, by how we love, live and how we are in church and towards the people in church and to the poor and in everything. My mouth is stappled shut, but I know Jesus and He can still use me, even with my poor spanish. At this stage I cannot do anything else and I hope when I get the words, then they will accompany the actions.

Its a slow process, its not a quick Two Ways to live sketch (even though its a good thing to use), but its about sharing your life with everyone and sharing Jesus. Its amazing how Jesus can use us in ways we never thought possible or even how we think we should do it.

It is different here, but I love it and I know its hard at times, but I have to cling on to Jesus everyday... :O)


Little Mo said...

Keep going Cat! Great to hear your news.

Timmy C said...

What an encouraging post Catty :) Keep those eyes and that heart of yours fully trained on Him and let Him provide for you - language and all!

Keep strong in Him & keep us all posted on your shenanigans! xxx

Sara said...

Thank you for the honesty in your post, Cat. Hang on to Jesus - He is with you. The Spanish will come, but it is a bit of a baptism of fire!! How is your family? Any sign of altitude sickness yet?

Anonymous said...

Hey cat how exciting i didnt know we could comment aswell wooo!! reading your post jst flooded back memories of bolivia and seriously i remember how in some ways your love can show through even more because of the language barrier.also i remember this woman who had been there years but couldn't learn much spanish(she wasnt very well)but like the kids there loved her so much because of her attitude of love.
so yeah keep going and you know actions speak louder than words-ul begin to really understand how true this is!!
am so encouraged and excited to hear all that God is doing!